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Some quick hitters for everyone out there who owns a website:

  • If you run a WordPress website, consider adding a plugin called ‘Bot Block’. Go into your Google Analytics and check your traffic sources, you will see a lot of fake traffic coming in from spam websites (eg. In recent years, fake bot traffic is a common occurance for every website on the internet.

If you don’t clean it up by blocking these bots you run the risk of losing your website entirely, and having the website slow down for real users due to the extra traffic burdening your hosting. It also makes it harder for you to decipher on Google Analytics if your website traffic really improved or if it as simply a bot.

  • For WordPress users, this is a pretty common thing to do, but many website owners who try to do their own SEO seem to bypass. Make sure to install Yoast SEO, it will make writing Titles and Descriptions for each page easier and more efficient than doing it manually or searching for where to place your meta tags.
  • If you advertise over social media – in particular Facebook, make sure to check out the “In-market interests” in your Google Analytics account. When we set up our ad targeting on Facebook, we often pin-point them by interests in the same industry, which is very beneficial.

    Looking at the in-market segments will show us what our website audience/demographic is interested in within the scope of our industry, as well as their interest in other industries – for example we often see that our clients’ visitors interested in mobile accessories have at the top of their list hotels and accommodations, and it makes sense since they’ll need the right gadgetry during their travels.

  • If you like posting on Instagram, you can quicken the process by using posting tools such as, we found this to be very useful for posting pictures quickly and efficiently, as well as using preloaded hashtags. Our Likes and Comments have gone up substantially since using this tool since we can post frequently as soon as we see something interesting on the web, without the nuisance of first sending it to your phone and then uploading it.

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