About Us

Rise Marketing Launched in September 2011. The Founder – Tal Lifschitz – has over 10 years experience in the SEO, Web Design, and Online marketing industry, having worked for multiple companies in-house and in a previous start up, I then decided it was best to start my own company to combat the many market gaps I saw.

We noticed that there were several areas in the digital marketing and SEO industry that needed to be addressed: Customer service, building trust, and providing a promotion that actually makes sense.

Customer service:

Working with other SEOs, we noticed how often customers didn’t get live updates on their campaign progress. Transparency is ultimately extremely important, and keeping the client up to date on what is going on with their website will ease their mind. We made it mandatory to email, chat, and video chat with clients to ensure they understand what is happening every step of the way.

We answer and address our customers inquiries within the first hour.

Building Trust:

In online services, it’s very easy for customers to feel as if they have no idea whether the digital marketing specialist on the other end is actually working on their campaign or not. By sending regular weekly and monthly reports, and being kept in the loop on marketing decisions and consultation, we keep customers happy.

Win-win solution:

One of the main problem areas Tal found in the SEO and Digital marketing industry is that customers had a hard time trusting in SEO companies. Customers would get burned by big guarantees and promises that never came, spending a lot of money and never seeing their website rank, or their traffic grow.

Moreover, clients were tied down to long term contracts over the span of 3, 6, and 12 months and beyond.

Rise Marketing addressed this issue by only offering a month to month service. This way, customers could opt out if they didn’t see results (which is never the case). As long as clients websites are getting listed on Google, and generating sales, they see the results and can stay or opt out as they wish.

This results based approach has helped us earn the trust of clients.